Stay healthy while Travelling

Stay healthy while Travelling

12 healthy strategies

Trying to fit ‘Healthy’ and ‘Traveling’ in one sentence might seem like a buzz kill to your long-awaited vacation. However, with the correct attitude and mindset, one does not need to leave his healthy habits behind.

How many of you have tried to diet before your summer vacation, or unexpectedly ended up traveling in the middle of a weight loss programme? Travelers often report finding it difficult to stay on track and end up gaining back the weight lost before vacation, or even double it.

The key solution to staying on track is learning to incorporate healthy habits in your daily routine so that you manage to carry this lifestyle with you wherever you go with minimal effort. To stay on track and avoid any weight gain, we need to maintain our body in maintenance, that is calories in, calories out.

Here are my 12 strategies to stay on track whilst traveling;

  1. Avoid loading up on sweets and crisps from the airport lounge while waiting for your flight, instead think ahead and pack small meals/ snacks to take with you onboard. Opt for some almonds, rice cakes with peanut butter, sliced apples, wholemeal veggie sandwich, protein bar or a wholemeal wrap.
  2. Do not skip meals - having only 2 big meals a day is not ideal - it might encourage binging in huge portions during breakfast/ dinner. Try to instead have 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with some planned snacks in between. This will enable you to practice portion control and avoid being hangry.
  3. Avoid having too many cocktails and sugary drinks.
  4. Save your calories to indulge in some local eat outs. On other days, plan to cook your own dinners by buying fresh food from the local markets. Choose foods that are locally sourced to avoid having too much processed foods. If staying at a seaside town for instance, choose fresh fish over processed meats. Choosing apartments with a small kitchen may help you avoid having junk take outs everyday.
  5. Limit your sugar intake by taking desserts occasionally with a special dinner.
  6. Swap fried foods, with grilled/steamed options where possible and opt for veggies instead of fries.
  7. If having daily breakfast buffet options, try to stick to one breakfast plate and avoid having a bit of everything. Pack your plate with lots of veggies to minimise your caloric intake.
  8. Pack your bag with nuts, fruits, protein bars/ shakes, wholegrain crackers, rice cakes. Make sure to choose protein bars wisely, opt for bars that are low in sugar and high in protein.
  9. Load your day with activities such as kayaking, cycling, trekking.
  10. If you’re not a fan of sports activities, simple habits such as taking the stairs instead of lifts, and trying to incorporate as much walking as possible, can also increase the daily energy expenditure. If traveling by car, park in cheaper outer car parks and walk to the city center. As a bonus, you will be able to explore more on foot!
  11. Drink plenty of water to ensure that you stay hydrated. Pack a reusable water bottle, this way you can easily fill it up and avoid buying plastic bottles.
  12. Make sure to maintain good sleep hygiene especially if experiencing different time zones, plan resting times during the day and do not rush throughout the whole trip.

Thank you for reading ! Would you like more tips? Get in contact with me to get started.

Rebecca Micallef Dalli
Rebecca Micallef Dalli Member of the British Dietetic Association (SENR Registered), MSc. in Exercise and Nutrition Science. SENR Graduate Registrant
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